Inteligent Home - SMARTech® Systems

There is a place you always come back to: YOUR HOME. The place where you live, where Your family lives, where your friends visit you. Can you can imagine your house without lighting, television, stereo equipment, a telephone, heating, a security system, computers... They are a part of a modern lifestyle.

Their variety and complexity demand however suitable control - the Intelligent Home System - assuring efficient connection of the abilities of all those systems, so that controlling them would be simple and gave You security, savings, comfort and expandability or possibility of introducing changes in the future.

SMARTech® systems offer a broad and evolutionary product range, which will fulfil your needs. Please get acquainted with our offer and start automating your home...
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In office buildings, savings coming from the use of 'intelligent' lighting control can be as much as 50-65%, and the cost of these devices pays itself back within 3 years...
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A SMARTech® system enables the integration of important functions relating to safety. Not only the alarm system can function together with the electrics...
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